Chinese Painting Beginner Set

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Chinese Painting Beginner Set
1.) Bamboo Rolls ( for keeping brushes while traveling out.) *Colors Subject to Availability,
2.) 50 x 50cm Felt ( Place below the rice paper to prevent your table from the inks.)
3.) Zhong Hua Mo Zhi Ink 250g (Subject to Availability may replace with a similar valued Inks)
4.) Raw Rice Paper (unprocessed) (approx. ~100 sheets/ Pack)
5.) Plastic Palette
6.) Maries 12 color tube. ***subject to availability may replace with a similar quality colors brand
7.) Plastic removable water pail (to dilute the color tone/ wash your brushes.) *** subject to availability, may replace with other non removable water pail.
8.) Te Zhi Da Lan Zhu ( Pure Weasel Fur Brush)
9.) No. 5 Yang Hao Ti Bi ( Size 5 Pure Goat Fur Brush)
10.) Da Bai Yun Brush ( Mixed Fur Brush)
11.) Ye Jin Brush (Small Mixed Fur Brush)
12.) Brush holder