Japan Kaimei Mozhihua Ink (Extra Dark) 400ml 日本开明墨之华高浓

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Directly Imported from Japan, Japan Kaimei Mozhihua Ink (Extra Dark)

DO NOTE that the Brown packaging Mozhihua(Extra Dark) has officially been Discontinued.

This Green packaging is a new variant of the previous Brown Packaging, it is 4x Darker, and thicker than the brown packaging Mozhihua(extra Dark)


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 开明 - 墨之华 高浓墨



Premium Japanese Ink - Extra Dark

Specially designed and made by Japan since 1898

Excellence Quality for Calligraphy and Paintings.

High Density in Colors, you can easily achieve minimum 5 shades of tones, therefore when used for painting you are able to differentiate the tones easily.